The Concept

Dropshipping is a relatively new way to sell online. Basically you are acting as a middle man. You list someone else's stock, add a markup and make it available for sale on your website. When you sell an item, you simply place an order with the distributor who then sends it directly to your customer.

This lets you sell physical products on the internet that you never have to see, store, package, ship, or even pay for in advance. Dropshipping frees up your money and time so you can concentrate on what really matters, generating sales.

However, generally setting up a dropship business takes either thousands of hours of your own time or costs thousands for a developer to create

Company History, Reputation and Service

We've researched all of our wholesale companies and come up with a list of reputable b2bs searching for entrepreneurs to do business with and that's why we're confident if providing their products on your website. There's no middle man! You deal direct with the drop shipping company which is itself the wholesaler also.

Product quality

Did you know that there are many ecommerce resellers who have never seen the product they sell? We've already tested the product by placing sample orders to be sure that the quality is up to our standards.


The margins that you can typically create are excellent to say the least. On the majority of Hill Interior's products it can be 15-25%. The average sale online is generally £140, so that's £21-£35 profit. Get five sales per day and your making good money working from home.

With Ametis Furniture you can see the profit margin below


There are no other hidden charges that apply. No monthly membership or participation fees. There are no other costs other than buying or renting your website. You get direct unobstructed access to the wholesaler who will dropship your orders direct to your customers.